NER300 Presentation Report

Geothermae Project CloZEd Loop Energy technology

Country: Italy, Ravenna

Date: 31.3.2017

Venue: OMC Offshore Meditarranean Conference, Ravenna, Italy

AAT Geothermae (AATG) was invited as representant of NER300 to participate at the OMC Offshore Meditarranean Conference, Ravenna, Italy on March 31st in a special event of the Italian Ministry for Development and it’s Hydrocarbon Department directed by Dr. Maurizio Sarelli.

AATG used the opportunity to inform about the successful NER300 program. The development as well as the construction of it’stechnology and pilot plant were only possible because of this innovative financing model.

CLEAG and AATG have been invited to further present the progress and also the possibility to use one of the 15’000 exiyting and not producing wells in Italy for the application of it’s technology. In the meantime a follow-up meeting has been organized by the Ministry on July 4/5th 2017 in Florence.

Furthermore Dr, Sarelli and Marco Baresi from EGEC brought us to the attention of Mr. Tajani and an event he is organizing in the European Parliament on July 11th 2017, where we will also present NER300 and our project.

Brussels, 23.June 2017
Bodo von Düring/Lorenz Ueing